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Data backup is regarded as an insurance plan and is crucial for most organisations. 
You only understand how important your backup solution is until something goes wrong and you’re without your data.

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Disaster Recovery Plan

The implementation of a solid data backup and recovery plan will ensure that you never suffer irreversible damage from the following;

Hardware Failure
Accidental Deletion
Environmental Disasters (Fires, Floods)
Theft or lost devices
Data Corruption
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NAS & JBODS (Local Storage)

Network Attached Storage (NAS) allows multiple users to store and share files in a centralised location rather than individuals storing files on their own computers.
Using a NAS allows documents, reports, music and videos to be shared with anyone who has access to the network, making a NAS an ideal business storage solution.
RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a key feature built into NAS Devices allowing data to be written accross multiple drives to ensure data is not lost should a drive fail.

Store Petabytes of data

Tailored Rsync backup scripts

Realtime Cloud Backup / Sync

Cloud Storage & Archiving (Offsite Storage)

The aim of a cloud archive service is to provide a data storage environment as a service that is optimised for long-term data retention, security and compliance with data regulation policies.
Once in the cloud, data must be easily searchable via metadata; protected from overwrites or tampering, and provide client- or legally specified, automatically applied data retention policies.

Secure & Encrypted

Backup your Office and archives offsite

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Organisations use and maintain their own equipment through colocation. Organisations rent space in a colocation facility to reduce the running costs of maintenance, communications and space within the data center.

Colocation opens up the opportunity for organisations to maintain complete control over equipment.

Organisations that offer colocation facilities must adhere to precise data protection or compliance requirements for example HIPAA, PCI and SOX for a colocation environment.

Access economies of scale

Greater bandwidth

Constant security

Advanced infrastructure

Specialist services and systems