Quest Technologies provide on-site and off-site personal computer repair services for Businesses, Schools and Residential customers in and around London.


We offer many flexible support plans & packages that we can tailor to your specific needs with or without needing a contract.


Our expert team use cloud services to enhance workflow, accessibility, encouraging work productivity and communication processes.


Since 2003 Quest Technologies™ have been providing consultancy for small to medium businesses, schools and to the general public.

We provide bespoke and off the shelf solutions for residential, commercial and educational IT infrastructures.

We find that approximately 80% of customers fall into one of our off-the-shelf categories and the solutions work.


Support Plans

We provide bespoke and off the shelf solutions for residential, commercial and education IT infrastructures.
We find that approximately 80% of customers fall into one of our off the shelf categories and the solutions work.

Home Support

Over the years we have dealt with many scenarios from fixing a virus on a tanker ship via satellite link to recovering a student’s dissertation from a corrupted hard drive.

Help on demand

Business Support

Quest provides three off the shelf support flavours for businesses. If you don’t find what you need within these offerings we can also tailor bespoke to suit your needs.

Support Plans

School Support

Whether a village primary school with a handful of computers or a large college with multiple servers and locations, our support will give you total peace of mind.

Competitive pricing

Support Plans

Quest Technologies offers many flexible support plans & packages that we can tailor to your specific needs with or without needing a contract.
Help on demand

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On-demand IT Support

Max GrayMax Gray
12:13 11 Apr 24
Excellent service, I would highly recommend! Ricardo helped me today and fixed my laptop in a couple of minutes. Very polite and friendly
Kachal KomachehKachal Komacheh
10:52 16 Sep 23
I had an unfortunate incident where I accidentally spilled coffee on my laptop, causing the mouse to stop working.On 03/08/2023, eager to resolve the issue, I decided to seek help at a repair shop. Upon arriving at the shop, they quoted an initial fee of £80 for an examination, with no guarantee of success. I reluctantly agreed to proceed.After a short while, I called their office for an update, only to be informed that they couldn't repair the laptop due to circuit damage. Instead of exploring alternative solutions, they suggested I purchase a new laptop. Furthermore, they asked if I wanted to send my laptop for recycling, which seemed premature and unprofessional.My laptop, with its 16GB RAM and 500GB SSD drive, had a market value of around £700 for a comparable replacement. RAM and SSD at least working, and it was an unprofessional suggestion. Despite the setback, I declined their offer and opted to retrieve my laptop. However, when I returned home, I was dismayed to discover that my laptop was now completely inoperative. Prior to taking it to the shop, it was at least functional apart from the mouse issue.In essence, I paid £80 for an examination that not only failed to repair my laptop but also left it in a worse state. This experience left me profoundly disappointed.Subsequently, I sought help from another repair shop, where I paid £70 for a successful repair.In retrospect, I believe this company (shop) overcharged for their examination, provided no resolution, and offered an impractical and premature suggestion regarding recycling my valuable laptop. This experience fell short of the professionalism and fair pricing I expected from a reputable repair service.
Anto P ThomsonAnto P Thomson
16:06 09 May 23
My laptop wasn't working and I could find this shop as the nearby one and I went over there , person over there was an excellent guy and he sorted my laptop issue within minutes....????
Roger Bishop JonesRoger Bishop Jones
15:09 28 Feb 23
Did a great job of replacing my MacBook (2016) battery for me (by post). after Apple had given up on the model. Prompt service and good communications.
Tomasz PietrykaTomasz Pietryka
12:07 22 Feb 23
Use to work with them. Very good experience, I have learnt a lot. Definitely would recommend to others.
Cenk Ozan KahramanCenk Ozan Kahraman
16:55 20 Feb 23
Perfect customer service. They fixed my laptop in one day!Highly appreciated and recommended!
17:14 08 Feb 23
Great people working here. Have been before and had to go in today for my laptop. Laptop was fixed promptly and cannot fault the team at all! Very honest and knowledgeable people!
Liz SLiz S
17:22 22 Dec 22
Our family had a PC customised at Quest and have had great service for small fixes and upgrades periodically over the years. Really happy to have such a good, local service to recommend.
Rick ceeRick cee
12:14 07 Sep 22
Fantastic service, really helped me out with some FREE thermal paste we needed urgently to complete our server install project up the road.Very friendly service. 100% recommend. Thank you!
Os LeanseOs Leanse
11:00 04 May 22
Brilliant service, and lovely team.
Timothy ChanTimothy Chan
16:14 07 Apr 22
Went here to fix a cracked laptop screen. The guys in the shop were friendly and knowledgeable, laptop was ready for pickup the next day, within the quoted price range. They also fixed another issue with the laptop that I pointed out to them.
10:01 23 Feb 22
Quest did a great job on my desktop. The only thing they have to watch out for is having more work than they can handle, because so good! Thoroughly recommended.
Elisabeth PaiceElisabeth Paice
19:05 27 Jan 22
Quest are great! They diagnosed the problem with my laptop, cleaned it up and removed a number of 'dodgy programmes' ordered and fitted a new fan and now it works like new. They are friendly, efficient, quick and excellent value for money. 100% recommend!
William ButcherWilliam Butcher
13:57 20 Jan 22
Experienced IT professionals that can help with anyone's IT repair and servicing needs. My company have used them for laptop repairs, backups, hard drive wipes and they also helped with a printer issue. Would recommend!

We provide on-site and off-site computer repair and networking services for corporations, schools and residential customers in and around central London. Whether your system isn’t running as well as it used to, or if it’s physically damaged, we’re the computer specialists to turn to for quality and timely results.