Welcome to Quest Technologies™

Since 2003 Quest Technologies™ have been providing consultancy for small to medium businesses, schools and to the general public. 

We offer 24/7 business IT support and services to our clients with an impressive portfolio showing more innovative solutions than our competitors through our bespoke IT support and services allowing us to truly satisfy our customers.

We provide an expert IT team with skills in IT support, networking, computer repairs, sales, manufacturing and retail -  just to name a few.

We confidently to deal with services and facilities to keep your business running to its full potential to allocate support for infrastructure, servers and networks.

Our networking infrastructure can improve performance and reduce running costs as the demands of your network will grow in size and scale without hidden costs or minor issues allowing the network to take advantage of technologies to maintain your systems around the clock.

Confused about what the cloud is? No need to worry at Quest Technologies our expert team use cloud services to enhance workflow, accessibility from anywhere, anytime to be at a convenience to you to encourage work productivity and communication processes.

We offer email hosting and exchange email services as a communication tool to store large amounts of business data with extreme protection to minimise threats from online attacks. Online attacks have become more advanced in recent years including SPAM, phishing, viruses and malware so email protection is vital.

Quest Technologies offer google apps set up for educational purposes for teachers, students and businesses. Google apps have a range of tools making it easier for teachers to assign work to students and receive homework rather than students excuses and track progress is available enabling teachers to view how organise their students are.

We offer set up and support for Capita SIMS for schools as SIMS helps drive for school improvement with thousands of head teachers, teachers and other members of staff using SIMS every day to internally improve their productivity. SIMS gives an overview of processes that are taking place within the school to provide communication processes effectively with real time data tracking on students’ progress, paying attention to every student’s needs.

Your business can save money and time today with Quest Technologies managed services, network solutions, IT support and other services.