Quest Technologies provide on-site and off-site computer repair and networking services for businesses, schools and residential customers in and around central London. Whether your computer isn’t running as well as it used to, or if it’s physically damaged, we’re the computer specialists to turn to for quality and timely results.

Computer Repair Services

Quest Technologies provide on-site and off-site personal computer repair services for Businesses, Schools and Residential customers in and around London.

We are the one stop shop for everything IT, please check out the services we offer;

Free Hardware Diagnostics Testing

Bring in your desktop or portable computer to our central London lab and well will run a diagnostic test to make sure your core components, such as HDD/SDD, RAM, CPU, GPU are OK.

Computer Repair, Hardware upgrades...

We love to fix computers- talk to one of our engineers who will be able to offer invaluable advice when deciding to upgrade or repair your system.






Software Services

Quest Technologies provide on-site and off-site personal computer repair services for Businesses, Schools and Residential customers in and around London.

We are the one stop shop for everything IT, please check out the services we offer;

Computer Health check

We look at your operating system, software and hardware to make sure they are all running smoothly. We’ll check for any nasty viruses and spyware that might be lurking on your hard drive and remove them.

Computer Reinstall

If your computer is playing up or Windows will not load we can help. Our experts can re-install Windows and all Windows updates to get you up and running again.

Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal

If your computer is infected with a virus, spyware, malware or other Internet nasty don't worry. Our virus and spyware removal service will track down and blast those bugs.

Software Upgrades

Let us upgrade your software for you - be it your operating system or Email client we will make the transition as smooth as possible.

Driver Installation / OS Updates

Hardware not working with your software - We love to find those tricky drivers!


Virtual Services

Virtualisation is a way to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single server, this allows us to take full advantage the resources a powerful server has to offer, without the limitation of being dependent on specific hardware.

Multiple operating systems on a single server - Genius!

Virtual Server Management

Visualisation makes infrastructures simpler and more efficient, allowing applications to deploy faster and performance and availability to increase. The use of Virtual servers allows us to create IT that is easier and less expensive to own and manage.

We can install and configure;

Virtual Disaster Recovery

Downtime has a notable impact and cost on a business as it can result in a loss of productivity, reputational damage and reduced client confidence. A considerable amount of businesses in the UK never fully recover so it's crucial to have a proven business continuity plan in place.

Our fully managed Virtual Disaster Recovery Service (DRaaS) is the service that fully copies your data, restores your network and tests your IT systems on a frequent basis, providing you with a 100% guarantee that it will work as expected and when needed. 

Data Services

Quest technologies provide many different backup solutions and techniques. We provide LTO storage, network back-up and online cloud based solutions. We also have experience with legacy solutions such as DLT, DDS, AIT and much more. We can provide cost effective bespoke solutions to accommodate every budget.

We are the one stop shop for everything IT, please check out the services we offer;

Data Transfer & Migration

Moving files and settings to your shiny new computer just got easier. Our Data Transfer & Check service moves files, photos, music, videos and settings saving you time and stress.

Secure Data Removal

Getting rid of your old computer or hard drive? We can wipe your hard drive to permanently remove your data. Great for protecting your identity and privacy.

Data Recovery

If you accidentally delete important files we can help. Our state of the art technology can recover your lost or deleted data from any filesystem.

Data Encryption

We can encrypt your system to protect your data in the event that your device is lost or stolen. Data on an encrypted drive will not be accessible without specialised software and a secret key. Encrypting emails, files, and even your entire data storage will prevent unauthorised people from accessing them. Encryption provides protection against breaches of confidentiality for both company and personal data.


Network Services

Quest Technologies are an approved partner of many world leading tier 1 IT hardware manufacturers and software houses. Using leading suppliers such as Dell, Fujitsu, Siemens or Hewlett Packard, we can assemble all of the necessary hardware and software you require for the running of a reliable and fast network. We can install your new network or add to your existing network quickly and efficiently.

"We don't just install networks—We integrate them"

Install, Configure & Maintain

We offer a number of IT support plans and Managed IT Services, that way the same people that built your network can also maintain it, saving you time and money. We'll manage and maintain your systems following the initial network integration or installation project.

We can install and configure;

Network Security

The security of your networks & computer systems is a Major part of the responsibility as your IT support provider. We provide all of our clients with best practices for network security which will suit all budgets. You will benefit from our extensive experience and carefully developed best practices in making the best use of the standard security features of Windows, Mac and Linux systems.We can also advise you on, and implement for you, a number of additional measures designed to increase the security of your network, to protect you against malicious hacking, viruses, spyware and malfeasance.

We work with a number of Key technologies that we support in the security area, some of which include;

Structured Cabling

Quest technologies also provide's structured cabling solutions. Not only can we install and support your network, but we can lay the foundations of your network and telephone systems

We work with a number of key technologies that we support in the security area, some of which include;

Installation and termination services for;

Installation and configuration services for;

Backup Storage Services

Data backup is regarded as an insurance plan and is crucial for most organisations. Don't be a statistic! You only understand how important your backup solution is until something goes wrong and you’re without your data.

The implementation of a solid data backup and recovery plan will ensure that you never suffer irreversible damage from the following;

NAS & JBODS (Local Storage)

Network Attached Storage (NAS) allows multiple users to store and share files in a centralised location rather than individuals storing files on their own computers. By using NAS documents, reports, music and videos can be shared with anyone who has access to the network making NAS an ideal business storage solution. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a key feature built into NAS Devices allowing data to be written across multiple drives to ensure data is not lost should a drive fail.

Cloud Storage & Archiving (Offsite Storage)

The aim of a cloud archive service is to provide a data storage environment as a service that is optimised for long-term data retention, security and compliance with data regulation policies. Once in the cloud, data must be easily searchable via metadata; protected from overwrites or tampering, and provide client- or legally specified, automatically applied data retention policies.


Organisations use and maintain their own equipment through colocation. Organisations rent space in a colocation facility to reduce the running costs of maintenance, communications and space within the data center. Colocation opens up the opportunity for organisations to maintain complete control over equipment. Organisations that offer colocation facilities must adhere to precise data protection or compliance requirements for example HIPAA, PCI and SOX for a colocation environment.