Commercial - Business support

Quest provides 3 different flavours of off the shelf support. If you don't find what you need here please contact us so we can tailor to suit your needs.


Ad-Hoc support with *Optional: Server Support


This solution is aimed at businesses with 1 to 10 computers. We maintain your server on a 4-hour response for £150.00 ex-vat a month (depending on server class). We will cover all the usual server maintenance tasks such as; software updates, adding users, changing passwords, monitoring backups and the health of your server(s).

In the event of a server related emergency, we will be on-site within 4 hours to resolve any server related issues - *our on-site hourly rate will apply. Any other call out which is not directly associated with the server will be subject to our next available appointment which may be same day or next.

This plan works if the nature of the business is not 100% reliant on having an operational workstation and you have a  working spare or you can share a workstation until an engineer is available.

You may not need the Server support add-on, but please give us a call when you require support and we will be available at the next available appointment. If it can't wait until then simply visit our Emergency Support page where you can arrange a remote session with one of our engineers! All emergencies and expedited works are subject to a 30% premium on labour costs.


Emergency Network Support with *Optional: Server Support


This option gives you a guaranteed response time Service Level Agreement (SLA) without committing to a higher monthly support charge (depending on the amount of PC’c you have). This option is very flexible, it doesn't matter where you are, in the office, at home, a remote satellite office on a ship, we will give the same response level because we will be charging for the time taken to resolve the problem (hourly rate will apply).

This option works very well for a company that has an in-house IT personnel. We are that extra level of support you can rely on! In the event of a major outage, or your IT personnel is sick or on holiday we will be available at a moment’s notice to help with your IT needs. This option also works well for out of hours support also.


Server Support Add-on (discounted rate for 2+ servers)


Full Network Support Service


We take complete responsibility of your network and manage all the day to day tasks so you can get back to focusing on your business. With Quest monitoring your system, we have the ability to fix problems before you even know they exist.



Out of Hours Support can be added if required.