Virtual Services

Virtualisation is a way to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single server, this allows us to take full advantage the resources a powerful server has to offer, without the limitation of being dependent on specific hardware.

Multiple operating systems on a single server - Genius!

Virtual Server Management

Visualisation makes infrastructures simpler and more efficient, allowing applications to deploy faster and performance and availability to increase. The use of Virtual servers allows us to create IT that is easier and less expensive to own and manage.

We can install and configure;

Virtual Disaster Recovery

Downtime has a notable impact and cost on a business as it can result in a loss of productivity, reputational damage and reduced client confidence. A considerable amount of businesses in the UK never fully recover so it's crucial to have a proven business continuity plan in place.

Our fully managed Virtual Disaster Recovery Service (DRaaS) is the service that fully copies your data, restores your network and tests your IT systems on a frequent basis, providing you with a 100% guarantee that it will work as expected and when needed.