Data Services

Quest technologies provide many different backup solutions and techniques. We provide LTO storage, network back-up and online cloud based solutions. We also have experience with legacy solutions such as DLT, DDS, AIT and much more. We can provide cost effective bespoke solutions to accommodate every budget.

We are the one stop shop for everything IT, please check out the services we offer;

Data Transfer & Migration

Moving files and settings to your shiny new computer just got easier. Our Data Transfer & Check service moves files, photos, music, videos and settings saving you time and stress.

Secure Data Removal

Getting rid of your old computer or hard drive? We can wipe your hard drive to permanently remove your data. Great for protecting your identity and privacy.

Data Recovery

If you accidentally delete important files we can help. Our state of the art technology can recover your lost or deleted data from any filesystem.

Data Encryption

We can encrypt your system to protect your data in the event that your device is lost or stolen. Data on an encrypted drive will not be accessible without specialised software and a secret key. Encrypting emails, files, and even your entire data storage will prevent unauthorised people from accessing them. Encryption provides protection against breaches of confidentiality for both company and personal data.