End of Life for McAfee SaaS

We are moving to Reflexion, a Sophos Company

As you are aware, our previous email security vendor, McAfee, announced that their email security products (spam filtering, message continuity and email encryption) would be discontinued in the near future. Following an exhaustive review of email security vendors, we selected Reflexion, a Sophos Company, to deliver our new and improved email security products.

We will migrate everyone off the McAfee platform by January 11, 2017.

These products are as follows:

The Email Protection product is a multi-layered hosted email security product which protects end users against spam, viruses, phishing attacks, denial-of-service attacks and other malicious email born threats.  In addition to in-bound filtering, Email Security will filter outbound messages, spool all incoming messages for 14 days in the event of an email server outage, provide a summary as to why an email is received on the footer of each message and removes it on forward or reply, and gives users the ability to protect against email address sharing. 

In addition to Email Protection, the Email Continuity product is a powerful business continuity solution that provides access to all emails sent or received within the past 60 days. Users are able to send new messages, reply to existing messages, search for specific messages or attachments, and recover deleted messages or attachments directly to their inbox through an intuitive web based control panel. Email Continuity is always on, so users can access this solution 24x7x365.

Lastly, our new Email Encryption product offers our customers the ability to encrypt outbound email messages. Email Encryption is a policy based encryption solution that enables customers to achieve compliance with industry and government regulations with predefined, managed lexicons that automatically encrypt financial (FINRA/SOX/GLBA), state personally identifiable information (PII), healthcare (HIPAA/PHI), and profanity based on content. Customers can also mark emails as confidential within Outlook or use a force phrase to encrypt emails on demand. 

Email Protection and Email Continuity will be included with the purchase of a Hosted Exchange mailbox at no additional cost.